They Shall Look Upon Him Whom They Have
Pierced: Meditations on the Crucifix

James M. Hahn takes a unique approach to meditating on a common Catholic
Sacramental.  By looking at commonly overlooked areas of the Crucifix he
helps us unite our lives with the life of Our Lord.  Powerful meditations on the
hands, feet, and side of Christ plus much more.

Rosary Meditations for Real Life is a unique approach to praying
the mysteries of the rosary.  It combines the traditional mysteries of
the rosary and scripture readings with meditations on everyday life
events.  James M. Hahn takes common life events and finds them
within each of the mysteries of the rosary.  This book will increase
your devotion to the rosary and inspire you to discover your life within
the mysteries of the rosary.  Check out
sample meditations and

A comprehensive Confirmation preparation guide. Question and Answer
based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Prayers and Teachings. A workbook for student
and sponsor and much more. It is completely customizable for each parish or individual. Contact
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Softcover 8.5 x 11, 52 pages  -   Starting at $9.99
A Visit to Church helps young Catholics learn about the objects they see at
Mass. Using beautiful pictures of the actual objects,
A Visit to Church helps the
reader learn the names of items and how they are used.
Young readers will learn about statues, the ciborium, paten, alb, confessional and
much more.
A Visit to Church is especially useful in preparing students for First
Reconciliation and First Communion. It also makes a great gift
for those special occasions.
A Visit to Church: A Picture Journey

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Paperback 54 pages, full color $9.99
Real Life Rosary Books
Rosary Meditations for Help with Addictions is an excerpt of meditations taken
from Rosary Meditations for Real Life.  It has been widely published and translated as an
aid to help those struggling with addictions.

The Sorrowful Mysteries
of Addiction in Spanish