Real Life Rosary's "Faith Raiser" Program
Raise the Faith & Raise the Funds
The "Faith Raiser" program is an easy way for your
Church or parish organization* to raise funds.  
Simply fill in the information below and we'll build a
personalized page for your organization.  All you
need to do is send your folks there to purchase items
and you'll get 30% of each sale.
Please Complete and we will
contact you.
All Fields Required
Your name:
Address of Organization & Other Comments
How do you know who to credit for the
Each organization is given a code number and
that number is built into the ordering process.  
When an item is ordered from your organization's
page the code number will be automatically
attached to the order for our records and the
customer's records.

What does the page look like?
The page will look similar to our main rosary
ordering page except it will have your
organization or parish name and picture or logo.  
See a sample here.

When will we receive payment?
We will write checks to each organization at the
end of every month.

How long does the process take?
Once we receive your information, we will contact
you with the web address of the page within 24

Can you suggest some ways to advertise?
Links on the parish website, bulletin
announcements, school bulletins, organizational
flyers, email, Facebook, etc....

Does this program cost anything?
No, there is no cost to you.  We do all the work
(website design, rosary making, shipping,
bookkeeping, etc) and you collect the proceeds.

Can we add a picture or logo?
Yes, after you submit your information, please
send us an email with the photo or logo you
would like for us to use...subject to our approval
of course ;-)

How long can we keep this page?
All pages will stay active for at least 6 months.  
After that we will contact you and ask if you would
like to keep it up and running.
* We reserve the right to refuse any
organization with beliefs, views, or practices
contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.
Donated since June 1st, 2012 : $190.92
Current Faithraiser Partners -

Chillicothe Catholic Youth Ministry

2014 March for Life Trip