Real Life Rosary
Corded Knot Rosaries
All of our rosaries are hand made with
love and prayers by the Hahn family.  
These rosaries are now available for
only $10.00 each!
Domestic Shipping:     $0 - $49.99=$4.00        $50 and up Free Shipping
International Shipping : $15.00
Thank you and God Bless
(21 ft lengths of twine are usually shipped in 1-2 days)
(updated 08/21/2016 - 1:40 PM EST)
*Please note that due to different monitors colors may be slightly different.
(sorry we do not offer discounts on these items)
40 colors are currently available
BABY BLUE                NAVY BLUE            ROYAL BLUE                      BLACK                        BROWN                       GOLDEN TAN
HUNTER ORANGE     NEON YELLOW         KELLY GREEN         LIME GREEN                       PINK                          PURPLE                            RED
WHITE                       WINE                  YELLOW GOLD             OLIVE                    LIGHT GREY
NEW BORN                         PLUM                          VIOLETS           YANKEE DOODLE              PAPAL                    BLACK & GOLD
BOX OF CRAYONS          SPRING FLING             LILACS                   DESERT CAMO        GUADALUPE                SALT & PEPPER        TEAL
Cord Rosary
Traditional 5 decade rosary.  
Completely handmade, approx 16-18 inches
from the cross to the middle of the third
decade.  Silent, and nearly indestructible!  
Only $10 each!  Choose the metal crucifix for
only $2 more!
15 or 20 decade rosaries!
15 Decade Rosary
Pull Apart Key chain rosary /
chaplet -
This item is great for
those long drives to work or a quick
trip to the store.  The chaplet
detaches from the keys easily
allowing you to pray without the
cumbersomeness of the entire
Single decade (10 Hail Mary &
1 Our Father) Chaplet only
$3.00 ea.  Add a metal crucifix
for $2.00 more.
Large Rosary
LARGE ROSARY - The top rosary is
our normal size and the bottom the
large.  The beads are bigger and there is
more space between the beads.  The
total length is about 24" from the cross
to the middle of the third decade.  
Rosary $12
Make your own!  Making rosaries is a
great hobby and a great project for youth
and young adult groups.  Choose from
any of our colors and we'll ship to you
feet of twine
(more than enough for a
complete rosary or 3 chaplets).
$4.00 ea.  
You can use your finger or add a rosary
making tool for
.50 ea.
Rosary Instructions
Rosary Kit
Wedding Lasso Rosary
Wedding "Lasso" Rosary is a unique
wedding tradition.  It is designed so that the
couple can sit next to each other and pray
the rosary together. This very large rosary
has large beads.  
$25 each.  Available in
all of the above colors.
SURPRISE ME! -  We pick the colors
at random and send them off to you.  
Traditional 5 decade rosary of a
random color.  
Click here for bulk
Only $7 each!!
To Order by Mail - Mail total amount along with your name, address, city, state, and zip to:
Real Life Rosary
PO Box 390, Logan, OH. 43138
Please indicate which color if you have a preference.
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Giant Wall Rosary
This beautiful handcrafted rosary takes nearly 70 ft of
rope to make.  When finished it measures
approximately 6 ft in length from the bottom of the
cross to the middle of the third decade.

This rosary makes a great addition to a day chapel,
classroom, or family prayer corner.  They are available
in 7 colors shown below.

Each rosary is handmade when ordered so please allow
1-2 weeks for delivery.  The cost for each rosary is $70
which includes shipping.
ANGEL HAIR                ARMY CAMO                IRISH SPRING      BLESSED BLUE         BLUE ANGEL                   CRIMSON                   DIVINE MERCY
Multi-colored Rosary - Only $10 each.  
Please choose the colors in the order you would
like.  The 1st color will be from the Cross on,
the 2nd from the end of the 1st on, and the 3rd
will finish the rosary.  Example (L) Royal Blue,
White, Lime Green.  (R) Black, Grey, Red.
MARDI GRAS                 
Twine Color
Twine Color
Twine Color
Twine Color
Twine Color
Twine Color
Color 1
Color 2
Color 3
Rosary -  Join the Church as she
journeys toward the Birth of Our Lord
with this custom Advent & Christmas
Rosary.  Purple, Pink, and White Color
Combination.  Only $12
Confirmation Rosary - Your newly
confirmed loved-one is sure to love this unique,
handcrafted, unbreakable rosary with a
Confirmation/Holy Spirit Medal.  The medal is
attached to the rosary with a split ring to ensure that it
will never come off.  Give a gift that will last! 40
colors to choose from.

Available with a twine cross or metal crucifix.
First Communion Rosary - Don't buy
another 1st Communion Rosary that will end up in
pieces in a ziplock bag.  Consider one of our
unbreakable rosaries with a 1st Communion Medal.  
The medal is attached to the rosary with a split ring
(not shown) to ensure that it will never come off.  
Give a gift that will last!  Available with a twine cross
or metal crucifix.
Our Lady of Guadalupe features
our Guadalupe twine that reflect the colors found
on this beautiful image of Our Lady.  An Our
Lady of Guadalupe Medal is attached to the
rosary.  Only $12
Pope Francis Rosary- These unique rosaries combine the
colors of the papacy and Pope Francis' native Argentina along with a
medal of St. Francis of Assisi. Only $12
St. George Rosary- This man in
with durable nylon twine that will stand up
to anything.  The Crucifix and St. George
Medal are attached using steel split-rings
to ensure that they will stay connected.  
Available in Olive, Army Camouflage
(shown) and Desert Camouflage.

Originally designed for a Troops of St.
George local troop.  Learn more about
the Troops of St. George here.  Contact
us for TSG discounts.
World Youth Day 2016 Rosary - To celebrate World Youth Day
in Krakow, Poland, we are excited to offer this limited edition WYD 2016 Rosary.
Rosary of the  
Month Club
Learn More!!
The Defender - This Rosary,
originally designed for
Rosary Club,
members is now available to you.  This
unique color combination honors those
who put their lives on the line for us each
and every day.  This Black, Blue, and
Grey rosary includes a metal crucifix and
a St. Michael/Guardian Angel Medal.  
Only $14 each.