Welcome to my photo page(s).  I love to take pictures
whenever I am outside.  Here you will find an array of
different subjects from flowers to frogs and barns to boys.  
Please be patient as the pictures load.  Many of them are
large and may take some time.  Your feedback and/or
questions are always welcome.  God Bless,
James M. Hahn
The Crucifix that hangs above
the altar at St. John the
Evangelist Catholic Church in
Logan.  Pictures of this crucifix
and others are used in my
booklet -
They Shall Look
Upon Him Whom They Have
Pierced: Meditations on the
An Old Barn on my Granpa's
property.  When I was a kid
he had cows in here. I can
remember putting up hay in
this barn. Old barns are
always fun to play in.
My parent's home after a good
Ohio storm.  The house is
about 120 years old.  
Everything that went into
building the home came from
the land.  The sandstone
foundation was taken off the
hill about 200 yards behind the
house and you can still see
the drill marks.  The bricks
were made with clay that is
found easily in front of the
house by the stream.